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Ok, I got it
This weeks competition is the strangest. Here is what you have to do. Send us an email with a funny habbo picure. Then the funniest one will be rewarded a rare piece of furni. Send the picture to 1raddude@optonline.net
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iBabbo Has Just Opened Up! It Took us about 3 days to make so hopefully you like it. We will be upgrading to www.ibabbo.com SOON! anyway, alot of fun is planned in the future! i can Not wait. for right now we only have 2 admin's for the site and they are -Wacko. and Rushil96. We do not disappoint you and so excited and cannot wait to see how many hits we get. So Thank you for visiting the site and we hope you come back.
The Summer has gone and we are now well and truly into the winter! Its cold outside and well, why not wrap up warm inside in front of your computer? Listening to iBabbo.. Browsing the iBabbo site, having fun on habbo and looking at iBabbo news.. and well just generally having a great time with all your friends at iBabbo! I guess theres only one thing left to say and that is enjoy!
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Once Upon A Time.... Got A Good Story? Well now you can tell us. This Weeks competition is: A Habbo Adventure. All you have to do is write 2-5 paragraphs on a real or fake habbo adventure you had. If You Win then we will Post Your Story and we will give you 100$ in your countrys type of money and 500 habbo coins and Admin in our retro. You Know You Cant Resist A Competition like this. With All Of Theese greatg prizes. In the story it must have the word iBabbo somewhere in it. So listen to our radio and write that story. WRITE WRITE WRITE! Thanks.
Alright dont be mad because you dont have a job at the coolest site ever. Well now you can have a job. All you have to do is click Job applications and then check which job applications are open. Dont worry probably 99.9% sure you will get accepted so dont be scared. we are only here to help >=] lol so just check it out! Im sure you will like it =]. Anywhom now click that button you cant resist. This is how we do it. Just fill out the information and BAM! you have a job
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Thank You For Visiting Our Hotel. Hopefully You Like It. We were really excited that you visited. Come back soon. Dont Forget Us. See you Agan. Thanks
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